Clifford Genece


Clifford Genece is a USA born Haitian artist and forever student. Formerly a jack-of-all-trades and health & community-focused start-up Macgyver, Clifford is now dedicated to health, sustainable solutions, and empowering future generations to find solutions in their specialty fields.

As an author, Clifford writes for the unsung heroes in all of us. As a marketer, he focuses on supporting self-sustainability and autonomy through education. And as an artist, he weaves stories to inspire, connect, and heal generational barriers.

Always Self; Always Community.

Personal Projects

A mental awareness and self-help memoir centered on healing from isolation, trauma, and limited ideologies sparked by personal, social, and spiritual trauma triggers.

Always Self; Always Community.

Galt's Conditioning® was created to share ideas, stories, and dedication of the embodiment of health and personal development into everyday sustenance.

The Pulse Podcast offers a mix of long and short-form episodes and audio clips. Episodes are meant to wake you up from the self-imposed life limits you place on yourself while teaching how to navigate the limits people place on you.

Black Excellence Shop

The Black Excellence Shop bridges the gaps between the past, present, and future of the Black Experience.

Triple C's Art

Cliff Captures...
Currently: Contrasts

Antilles Marketing

Antilles Marketing offers multi-service marketing and consulting solutions to connect Black clients and brands to promote health, wellness, and sustainability.

Galt's Conditioning

Curated News on Science, Health, and the evolving Black Experience.

Work + Workout
From Home

I work and workout from home. On a minimalism journey. 

Shop the  Black Excellence Shop or My Working Retail, Working Your Brand book.

Past Collaborative Projects

A Black Culture Podcast

Nothing Moves Without Us is a podcast focused on Black entertainment from the past 30+ years.

LC3 Marketing

At LC3 Marketing, we lead marketing efforts with a single purpose: yours. Our mission is to complement and boost unique brands, products, and stories that promote education, health, sustainability, and community.


CUNY Hunter College

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology / Minor in Psychology (2010)

University of Bridgeport

Associate of Arts in Dental Hygiene (2005)